DPMA Install - load of res_digium_phone.so fails

I follow the instructions and when I get to the module load of res_digium_phone.so, it fails with the following message:

Unable to load module res_digium_phone.so
Command ‘module load res_digium_phone.so’ failed.

in the Asterisk Log, I see…

[2012-09-21 00:12:31] WARNING[22597] loader.c: Error loading module ‘res_digium_phone.so’: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/res_digium_phone.so: undefined symbol: ast_msg_ref
[2012-09-21 00:12:31] WARNING[22597] loader.c: Module ‘res_digium_phone.so’ could not be loaded.

I am running PBX in a Flash
I am running Asterisk 10.0.0
I am running FreePBX
Kernel Version 2.6.32-220.17.1.el6.i686 (SMP) i686
Distro Name CentOS release 6.2 (Final)
I do seem to have app_voicemail.so loaded in case you want to know.

Any ideas… :frowning:


Wrong version of Asterisk 10.0.0 doesn’t work with res_digium_phone.so. You need at least 10.5 (res_digium_phone 1.0.2) or 10.6 (res_digium_phone 1.2.0)

Yikes, not sure if I should upgrade my Asterisk system from 10.0.0 to 10.5 for one telephone set. I wish it was a bit better spelled out what which versions are supported. I’m sure that you have a great table somewhere, but I don’t see it directly referred to from the Quick Setup Guide nor did I come up with it during the install.

I’ll have to open another ticket anyway, because i can’t get my new D40 to register although I can get to the config stuff on the phone.


The DPMA download selector here:

will point you to the right version of DPMA for your version of Asterisk - note that you’re still using the -certX releases of 1.8.11 if you want to use the DPMA and the -digiumphones releases of 10.

If you’re not using the DPMA, then you’re going to be configuring the phone manually with Asterisk. For the most options, you’ll go the XML route (wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … ioning+1.2). For less options, you can look at the phone’s web interface (a lot less options, not what we really recommend for people). And, for no options, you can punch in the SIP credentials via the phone’s boot menu.