Employee Telephone Clock-in


I’m new to the Asterisk world and wondering what hardware / approximate costs involved in creating an employee telephone clock-in/out system. Where employees can clock in/out from either a landline or cell phone.


  • Andrew.

I am looking for something similar.
can logging in/out of the switchboard allow you to do this also?
we have Switchvox and D60 phones

This sounds pretty easy to make.

Get a DID, Point it at your asterisk box.

Answer the call (Optionally prompt for a password).

Get a employee identifier (ID Number? Telephone Number?)

Choose between Clock in or Clock out (Optionally check your database with FUNC_ODBC to see what state they are currently in and ‘flip’ it to the opposite state)

use FUNC_ODBC to write to a database of your choice the new status of the employee and the time

Say Goodbye and Hangup.

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