Newbie - Allow employees to call in to clock in using pin

I’m looking to see if this is possible, well I know it’s possible but trying to figure out how to start to build this system. I am a complete noob with telephony.

Here’s the system:
Employees have to call in to notify the office when they reach their first assignment for the day so the office knows they are awake and working.

The system would need to read a database when the employee calls in and enters their id and pin. If an employee does not call in and login then the system would need to call a set of predefined numbers to notify management that an employee has not logged in.

It’s not a huge system, one phone line coming in is sufficient.

Hmm, not a very friendly community to newbies it seems. Guess I’ll look elsewhere for a solution.

This is extremely easy to achieve. It can be done in less than 30 minutes

My Tools :

MYSQL, System(), Originate(), Read(), Cron Job,

What have you done so far and where are you stuck ?

I haven’t even started because I’m completely new. I’ve read some of the documentation but still unsure of where to start.

This is not a task for a newbie, read this book once you finish to read it, you will be able to achieve your goal