Making asterisk timeclock

We need a timeclock that people clock in/out with the phone.
Thier will be only one phone that everyone uses, decided that because if we put it where everyone walks by when they come in and leave, they will not forget to punch in/out.

Also will add up peoples hours automatically, and figure out thier pay.
Must take into account for rate of pay/sick time/vacation/holiday pay.

It will have a web portal (php/mysql) where accounting can view the pay/hours for the week, and also they will have to use it to input sick time/vacation time/holiday pay, and up date payrate and add/remove new employees.

They will call 800 to login, it will ask them for thier ID #, they enter it then it will ask them if it is 1-morning clock in 2- lunch clock out 3- lunch clock in 4- evening clock out
Depending on what one they choose, it will place the time to the correct cell in the mysql database.

And I think it would not be bad to allow them to modify/add a punch in manually in case they forgot to do it.

Accounting will view this by a php page, which will when pulled up add up the hours and pay rate. If someone went over 8 hours, have that number show up as red text in case they clocked on wrong, and also the same for 40 hours…(other error checking will be done too)

Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone want to help out? Ive only heard of 1 other time clock in the asterisk mailing lists…ill release this back to the community once done…


Do you already have a timeclock? if not then get a php based timeclock, such as then intergrate asterisk so that it does the clock in/out . This way you will have an established community supporting the timeclock and one supporting asterisk. This souldnt then be too bad a project.


thanks Ian that should save me some coding time

the people already dropped the idea of it adding up the pay, so all that has to be done is print a report of the actualy time they clocked in/out for each employee

heh just got easier
(should just have to send employee ID/punch 1-4/and timestamp to the mysql)