Very new to Asterisk, so bear with me if this discussion has been covered in the past.

I am looking for a phone based timeclock application that can will permit staff to call in a designated number to punch in and out. I’m hoping Asterisk is the way to go.

Staff are located at various locations so they must call from a landline at the specific location. Thus the ability to designate the source of the call (caller id?) is important. Unless there is some other way to confirm staff being at that location.

So basically the idea is the staff member calls in, identifies themselves by inputing their staff ID to clock in and out. The source of the call will identify the location.

Data collection will be staff, timestamp of clock in and out and location.

It would also be good to somehow sync the clock in and out with an actual shift so management can be notified by email or text if staff fails to clock in within 15 minutes of start time.


Using the PHPAGI class this is an easy task. Where is that you need help?

I will eventually need help implementing this functionality. I’m also interested in whether this would be adaptable using a FilemakerPro application.

Yes but this consultancy requests should go on the Biz and Jobs forum.