Driver Issues?

I’m running the latest version of Asterisk on a Gentoo box. I have a TE110P and a TDM400P. Make and make install worked fine for libpri, zaptel and asterisk. I get no errors doing a modprobe on zaptel, wcte11xp, and wctdm. However, when I do an lsmod, I get

voip asterisk # lsmod Module Size Used by wctdm 135136 - wcte11xp 23872 - zaptel 222084 - crc_ccitt 1608 -

ztcfg -vv returns no errors; neither does a verbose start of asterisk.

I’m completely at a loss here. I can make SIP calls, but not any Zap calls, which I assume is because my drivers aren’t loading properly.

Any thoughts?

is the green light lit on your TDM400P? if not you have a problem. even if it is lit, you may be sending calls out the wrong ZAP channel. You know how, when you dial, you do DIAL(ZAP/1/${EXTEN}||) ? Well, try changing that 1 to a 2, 3 or 4.

No, no green light. Just a pulsating red one.

what does digium’s documentation say the red light means? i’ve got a TDM400P but i’ve never seen a red light. worst i’ve had is no green light (meaning the driver had not been loaded.)

Oops, my bad. I misread your post. I have a pulsing red light on my TE110P. I have four solid green lights on my TDM400P.

well then let’s leave the TE110P for somebody that knows more than i.

if you’ve got 4 green lights and 4 analog lines plugged into 4 FXO modules on your TDM400, then it’s just got to work. you may have not configured zapata.conf correctly. or zaptel.conf. Make sure you’re trying to send calls over the working card and you’ve got the signalling correct. Watch the console to get some clues.

How lost are you exactly :wink: :question:

Ok, driver issues appear to be fixed. lsmod returns what I believe is correct information.

I still cannot make Zap calls, but I’m sure there’s some setting I have wrong.

I still have the pulsing red light on my TE110P, however.

An E1/T1/J1 card like the TE110P would require libpri. Did you download that package and compile, install, etc.? If not, get the software from the Asterisk website.

Yup. See first post. :wink:


Well, unfortunately I’m out of my depth 'cause I’ve never used those cards. Good luck.

SeñorAmor, by your nick you must speak Spanish. Maybe this post will help with the TE110P card: … le&artid=1

Maybe your IRQs are in conflict?