[Resolved] TE207P not loading

Hi all,

I’m having trouble configuring my te207p.

here’s a few bits of info:


Module                  Size  Used by
wctdm24xxp            142528  0
zaptel                228804  1 wctdm24xxp

ztcfg -v:

Zaptel Configuration

SPAN 1: CCS/HDB3 Build-out: 133-266 feet (DSX-1)

31 channels configured.

ZT_SPANCONFIG failed on span 1: No such device or address (6)

I have built and installed zaptel 1.2.10, installed debian pacakges for libpri (1.2.3-0bpo1)

as the lsmod output show, the modules are loaded, unless I’ve missed one ?


Zapata Telephony Interface Registered on major 196
Zaptel Version: 1.2.10 Echo Canceller: KB1

Can anybody see what I’m missing ?

Thanks in advance,

You are loading the wrong driver. Load the wct4xxp driver not the wctdm24xxp.

thanks. in the end I got the latest 1.4 zaptel trunk also as it mentions on the digium site to do this.

Just to clarify. You do NOT need to use 1.4 zaptel for this card. I actually would not recommend using 1.4 at all until it’s worth classifing it as stable.

Interesting. I was RTFMing from here:http://www.digium.com/en/docs/misc/drivers_te2xxp.php

As I have the card working would you recommend dropping back to stable? I’ve not experienced any problems yet.

Yes it loads and finds the card and the echocan module on the card using Zaptel 1.2.10 atleast. I’ll put a note into the webmaster.

— snip —
Zapata Telephony Interface Registered on major 196
Zaptel Version: 1.2.10 Echo Canceller: KB1

— snip —
TE2XXP: Span 1 configured for ESF/B8ZS
wct2xxp: Setting yellow alarm on span 1
SPAN 1: Primary Sync Source
VPM400: Not Present
OCT Result: 1234/5678
VPM450: Firmware of size 249159 found
Before chip open!
After chip open!
VPM450: hardware DTMF disabled.
VPM450: Present and operational servicing 2 span(s)
Completed startup!

So yes I would recommend going to 1.2 code for everything(zaptel, libpri, asterisk).


As we’re working fine currently I’ll schedule the downgrade for next maintenance cycle, but keep the 1.2 stuff on hand just in case we have major problems.