Does a GUI exist for my needs?

I am looking for an Operator Panel of sort that allows me to see which extensions/agents are on a call, how long they have been on that call, the Caller ID of the person on line.

Also have functionality to see how many customers are in a queue, how long they have been waiting, there Caller ID, and the ability to take any customer in the queue and put them back in it if need be.

I have been looking at’s list of * GUI’s, but anything I see that sort of fits is mared as ‘Graveyard’. Any help is appreciated.

did you look into tribox? it provides a basic but decent panel


I did briefly. It uses Flash Operator Panel. Thing is we are already running Asterisk in our production environment and would really like to stay where we are at.

i thought TB had both FOP and HUDLite ??

there are a couple more that i’ve seen on the wiki pages, but i still think FOPis the best.

HUDlite huh? Havnt heard of that one. Anyone have any screenshots of FOP?

Edit: Found a demo of FOP. Its interesting…Kinda clunky on the demo. It says I can add up to 100 buttons though, maybe that will make it less…bulky?

Oohh HUDlite is looking like what I want. I will look into those.

Ive noticed alot of views on ehre so I figured I would post up what I have so far for reference:

HUDlite seems to be the ticket im looking for. It is free, it is pleasing to the eyes, the IRC is nice (No more in office MSN), so is looking at the extensions registered and there status. I am working on getting it installed on our Debian box to test.

Ive been using AsteriskGuru Switchboard also. It is very minimalistic, but no configuration other than editing your manage.conf and connecting to your * server. Not exactly what im looking for though, as it is hard to read for the less advanced users IE managers.

FOP seems really busy, and I might play with it if it gets installed. It looks as if it takes up too much real estate on screen though, so im iffy about that.