PC GUI routing console for the Operator? Or another way?

I just can’t seem to find a reference to one in the forums so I figured I would just ask…

Is there a call routing portal that I can set up on the receptionist’s PC? She’ll have an Aastra 480i but I’d like something a little more elaborate loaded on her PC with which she can route calls to people’s extensions.

I’m picturing a GUI with buttons for each extension on it that routes incoming calls to an extension with a mouse click. Has something like this already been contributed?

If nothing of the sort exists, how easy is this to do with a 480i? I’d guess one could do a 480i-special-button-followed-by-an-extension-number sort of thing. I’ve ordered one but haven’t gotten to play with it yet. Suggestions?

Flash Operator Panel. Takes a little bit to set up but it’s extremely configurable and works nicely.



This is EXACTLY what I needed!!