Operater Panel Suggestion

I need help choosing or at least some suggestions to evaluate Attendant Consoles, Operator Panels, or what ever. Here is the deal, today my boss man came to me and said he wants me to set up our main reception desk as a “Control Center” for phone calls, here is my idea;

Touch screen monitor (19")
PC with sound card
Soft phone installed on the PC
Some sort of Operator Panel Software

The Call Manager (or operator) would;
Answer all inbound voice calls
Warm / Blind Transfer to other extensions
Transfer to Voicemail
Transfer to RingGroups
Park Calls
Monitor Parked Call Status
And maybe more, but we do not use queues and do not use IVRs.

I would like the software to be touchscreen friendly (on a 19" monitor)

We are running Asterisk Business Edition, C2.1.1 and using Polycom IP330 and IP550 phones.

I have played with the following;
Aster Operator
Asterinc SwitchBoard
Asterisk FOP (at least looked at the Demo online, could be a good candidate)
Voix Manager (seemed ok but would not refresh right and not have visibility to parked calls if i remember right)

Looking forward to your suggestions, surely other have done this with success.

I havent looked at Operator interafces in a couple of years but I did just want to say we do the same functions as you want to do so its all possible. We dont use a touch screen (just use a mouse\keyboard shortcuts). We ended up writing our own interface as none of the existing ones at the time were right for us.

The one product that I remember having promise (but wasn’t fully ready when we looked) was called iSymphony.


Awesome I will look into it. Thanks for your suggestion.