Control panel or dashboard for asterisk

Anyone know if its possible to have some sort of control panel or dashboard for asterisk? I want to be able to have a srceen that shows all users that are logged in to the queue system and if they are actile on a call. Basically a managers screen to get a “screenshot” of the environment.


there are a few realtime queue monitoring apps - queuemetrics is probably one of the most popular, but it’s not cheap. i wrote my own in PHP/AJAX and it works pretty well for us…if you know any programming, hooking into the manager interface is trivial…you could write your own.

Thanks for the info. Now that I know what to look for I found soemthing for free (I am not a programmer!) For anyone else looking for the same features check out

I am going to test it out

You can also look at FOP. The Flash Operator Panel. This is a flash version of what you are looking for and can be implemented with little knowledge of programming. If you can get * working, you can get the FOP working too.

I took a look at it but it doesnt show a lot of the details Im looking for. It also seems to lock up my asterisk avery so often when running. Have you experienced the same or is it just on my end?

FreePBX uses FOP… but FOP isn’t meant for that kind of thing…

FOP just shows which lines are “online” along with some sort of status indication.

As far as I can tell… I don’t know much about Qeues… .at least I haven’t seen one for FreePBX… and we don’t require one…at the moment.