Question - Recomendations for Web Interface for Asterisk?

My Boss is wondering If we could try to find a pre-built yet open source web interface that will allow us to configure and maintain so we can deploy the system to the clients without haveing to muck with the configuration manually via Text Editor’s and what not.

Any packages out there that would be able to do that with little to no effort?

Basically Im asking for a GUI interface for Asterisk… we know that some do exsist…but most of them are popritory.


Thirdlane’s PBX manager has worked for us, although now we’ve gone back to standard hand editing of the configs as we were limited by PBXM’s flexibility.

There are tons of config GUI’s out there - here is a list to get started:

I’d just start browsing and find one you like…

Dude… you guys rock…


We will check these out.

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Have a look at Freepbx…it is FREE and it is easy to install on a raw Asterisk box of most linux installs.

Rob Thomas Head dev guy is a great guy and does provide good FREE support via IRC or paid support via telephone and SSH.

He can do a setup for 250.00, I think it is and you will have one sweet PBX.