Display customer info on pc of callcenter seat automatical

I have setup a call center system using asterisk and encounter two problems.

  1. How to make the PC of call center seat to automatically display customer information according to the caller ID?

  2. Once the call will be ended, how to transfer the call back to a voice prompt to let the customer evaluate our service quality. for example,the call center seat press “#” key to transfer the call to a voice prompt fllow immedially.

any one can help me?


This may help.

I use Asterisk for some telesales staff, We have used the asterisk manager interface to get ringing/callerid/hangup for each of the desks.

Look at voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+manager+API

You need a program to log into the manager interface and then you will receive data for all calls. Just filter it for the phone extension on the desk and you will get data for new call, callerid and when the phone is hungup. We then cross ref the caller id with our own database and then we know what customer is ringing.

You can even use this to dial people and transfer calls.

I think there is also another way using agi but we have not tried this.


Hi Cheng

Did this work for you. I wish to create a home base call centre and need to copy a professional system like CallView as much as I can.

I am interested in networking with anyone who has completed a home base call centre.



we have used a free (depending on size) application called Queuemetrics

you can have a wallboard showing queue info and agents, logged on,off call times easy to set up too