Peer/queue information and CallerID from CLI


I am trying to build a simple CID popup application like YAACID or PBX Screen Popper (sadly i can’t use those, the application must be integrated in our CRM).

If it wasn’t the queues from different departments, I could easely write into a databse the CID of incoming call and read that data from a backend application. I can’t figure out how to check to what extension is the queue ringing :smile: I guess the solution is using Asterisk manager…

But i didn’t find yet any CLI command to show the call connected to a specified peer/extension. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance for support!

Is your CRM web based ?

If it is then you can use FOP to wrap round it as it supports screen popping and passing http data for calls.


Yes, is web based.

I’ll take a look at FOP and see what i can do. Thx.

Hi Thats good then wrapping it round your CRM should work fine.


Hmm, FOP is really too complicated for a little notification in one corner :smile:

I was looking inside and i didn’t find the command to display incoming call to a given exgension… I will keep looking though.