General integration issue

this is a general question about how I would solve a problem with Asterisk.

We have a small call center (4 people) and it would be benficial if we had some sort of solution where an incoming call from a known customer automatically launches, for example, the web browser (on the answering call center operative’s desktop) showing their customer details.

Now how I go about doing this is another thing…

Do I write a module/extension for Asterisk which, when an incoming support call is received:

  1. see’s if there is a customers phone number matches out CRM database
  2. if so, it informs an app running on all the desktops of people in the support hunt group informing of them of the customers phone call
  3. one of the support operatives will answer the call, on that PC the customers CRM details will automatically be displayed

What is the pattern/approach for solving these kind of problems.

any thoughts greatly appreciated


Joel Hughes

You might want to try using the Manager API. You can use it to listen to events generated by Asterisk, such as New Channel, Hangup, New Extension. There is a list of them in addition to other information at the link below. Depending on how you are setup you may be able to use one of these events to trigger the loading of customer information.

Good Luck,

that looks great,