Digium TE220 and Sangoma A102 on same computer

I have installation with a Digium TE220 and AEX2406 and the configuration is working very well, I however needed to add two more E1 so I added the Sangoma A102. I did the usual Wanpipe configs but chose to generate my own zaptel configuration.

When I run zttool I see all Spans only the Sangoma’s indicate red alarms. When I try and run genzaptelconf then do ztcfg I see this error

ZT_SPANCONFIG failed on span 4: Invalid argument (22)

I have tried changing the configuration on wanpipe1.conf and wanpipe2.conf but the error persists. When I run wancfg_zaptel sangoma sees itself as Span1 and Span 2 respectively, I have managed changing this buy running wancfg tool to edit this configuration but ztcfg gives me same

anyone who has installed a Sangoma E1 card and Digium E1 card on the same system with some level of success. I would appreciate some help.