Digium Phone Module (DPMA) and NTP service

Is it possible to configure NTP client on digium phones so that time on the phone will be the same as server has? Right now Asterisk has right time and NTP client is configured on it, but Digium phones does not get any time configuration from the Asterisk server. Any methods to fix it?

NTP uses UTC and only UTC. Internally this is also true of Unix and Linux. The Linux/Unix user interface is configured with the the rules for converting UTC to local wall clock time. I would expect any phone that supports an NTP server to have the same capability. That’s certainly true of Polycom’s. I would hope it was true of ht Digium ones.


Using the DPMA, the phones have several parameters related to time.
First, I’d encourage you to read the Users’ Guide:
docs.digium.com/phones/phones-mo … -guide.pdf

from there, note the phone configuration options:

The phones will default themselves to using our NTP mirror:
and they’ll default to a resync period of 86400 seconds - that’s once per day.

If you use the default server, the phone must be able to contact it, otherwise, it won’t know how to sync its time. If your phones are on a network that can’t reach that server, then you’ll need to provide your own NTP server. If you need to know more about implementing an NTP daemon on your network, look for ntpd - your distribution should have information on setting it up for your environment.

The phone’s offset from the time provided by the NTP server is controlled by the
setting. Enter a valid (per the current tz database) timezone string, and the phone will use that as an offset.