Asterisk and SIP Clocks

Is asterisk in charge of setting the time / date on my phones, because they dont seem to be recieving it. Any help would be apprechiated

Im using a Grandstream 2000 and an AAstra 480i

I don’t know about the model phone you indicated but on the Polycom and Cisco phones they look to an ntp server as indicated in DHCP.

To my knowledege Asterisk doesn’t have any options to push time to the phone. I could be wrong, Asterisk does just about everything else but I have not seen a feature like that.

hmmmm we are using static ip for our phone. Is there anyway to relay this information.

if the phone has a setting for a NTP server, enter an address - there are free NTP servers out there ( is probably one of the most popular), or if use utilize your local network infrastructure for NTP services…for example, AD Domain Controllers act as NTP servers, so if you use Active Directory, you probably have a NTP server up.

otherwise, just use an external time server, and you’ll be good to go.

Just for the record and I dont know how it works but on the Sayson 390 analog phones they get there clock and date set by the Asterisk server Just happend to notice it one day when hooking up a new one when the first call goes to the phone the date and time is set to that of the asterisk box. Must be something with the ADSI messaging

Some phones get the date and time information from NTP servers, some get it from the SIP data packet, some have to be manually set, some can use all three methods…

You just have to look up the method that your phone uses. There’s no Asterisk feature that handles how the time is set.

I have some phones that use NTP, so I loaded NTPD on my Asterisk server, and just point all the phones at Asterisk.

The service starts up, synchronizes with the network ntp server, and then the Asterisk box can use it’s time service to update the phones. Works great. They’re all set to the same time, and the phones themselves don’t require access to the internet.

If your Asterisk box is in a lab, or other closed network that doesn’t necessarily have internet access, an NTPD load is a good option. Although the service will start up with an error, (because it can’t reach a time server to synchronize to) it’ll fall back to the system clock, and start anyway. You’ll then have your own NTP source to set your phones clocks.

Hmm… My Asterisk 1.0.7 has this in the log

May 12 10:00:32 VERBOSE[1417]: Received Time/Date Request

This request is from a Cisco VIP30 running Skinny.