Help with displaying the right time

My system is on the correct time, and I tried changing time zones in asterisk.conf, sip.conf, cdr.conf. Using NTP server, tried changing time zone there, too.

Asterisk is currently using GMT, and I need it to be GMT -3.

Any ideas?


Can you post what options you set, specifically copying those lines from the pertinent files ?

And where is Asterisk showing the incorrect time ? In your CDR logs ?

Also have you rebooted the box since you made the changes ?

According to your need, To change the time zone in Asterisk to GMT -3, you need to follow these steps:

1: Open the asterisk.conf file and ensure that the tzoffset parameter is set correctly. Set it to -3 for GMT -3.

2: Inside sip.conf , make sure the settings related to time zone are configured correctly. Look for parameters like timeoffset and set it to -180 (3 hours * 60 minutes).

3: In cdr.conf , check for the timezone setting. Set it to the appropriate time zone, which would be “America/Sao_Paulo” for GMT -3.

4: After making these changes, restart the Asterisk service to apply the new configurations.

5; Remember to make a backup of your configuration files before making any changes, just in case something goes wrong. After making these adjustments, your Asterisk system should reflect the correct GMT -3 time zone.

i hope it will be helpfull for you

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