Time issues on Asterisk and Phones

Hi All,

We are running Asterisk and a mix of Polycom SoundPoint IP 501 and Cisco 7940 phones.

/Admin/System Admin
PBX Firmware:1.817.210.62-1
PBX Service Pack:

At the bottom of the web page it says : Free-PBX

So is this like 100 versions behind current?
The only time options I see are /Admin/Timezone

When I ssh in I see ntpd is running. Is there suppose to be a GUI to config this and point to different NTP servers? enable SNTP? Verify the system is syncing? Verify the offset it right? Verify Daylight Savings is working right for the time zone I am in? Seems like time is so critical this should be on the splash page before or after login.

I am using Windows7 x64 and FireFox.

I am asking these questions because after a switch replacement the time and timezone on the phones are wrong. My background is with an older version of Cisco Call Manager and Unity. We used TFTP to pass the configs to the phones and firmware updates. There were a few settings in the DHCP scope but it was real simple and worked 100% of the time.


The FreePBX version number does not tell us the Asterisk version number.

Asterisk doesn’t have a GUI; that is provided by FreePBX, which gets peer support at http://community.freepbx.org/

Asterisk doesn’t run on Windows, except for an ancient, unsupported version.

ntpd is part of the OS and provide full NTP, not just SNTP.

NTP works purely in UTC. DST offsets are handled by the OS. Typical LInux distributions include X-Windows and character cell GUI applications for configuring these.