Digium Hardware will not work in Saudi Arabia and India

Digium FXO and FXS Card will not work in saudi arabia and india it is not compatiable with our POTS …hELP mE

tHen which should i choose …?



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Well it should be a fairly simple thing to do. However, you may find that the digium hardware isn’t compatible with the phone systems in Saudi Arabia or India or both. There seems to be some compatibility problems with the UK phone system, so it seems fairly likely you will have some problems with it unless, of course, the systems in both India and S. Arabia are identical to the US system - which doesn’t seem very likely.

If possible, you’re probably better off using ISDN.

but we are using here ADSL …

Yeah, but unless you can use a local VoIP service provider at both ends, that won’t help you.

You were asking what you could do about the fact that digium’s hardware won’t work in India or S. Arabia. The other way to get PSTN connections into your asterisk server(s) is to use ISDN.

Another possibility might be to find a media gateway that works in Saudi Arabia and India. An example of a media gateway (or “VoIP gateway”) is the Sipura-3000 but i don’t know if this will work or not. There are lots of other examples on this page:


Ok i got the point and rightnow for testing purpouse shall i use intel generic modem both sides why i am asking that also not available in the local market so i have to order it (i hope intel modem will work) what is your sugetions waiting …

Maybe it’s not available on the local market because it doesn’t work there - same phone system incompatibility?

But apart from that, if you do a search in this forum for “modem”, you’ll find that using a modem for voice telephony won’t necessarily work - and if you do get it to work, it’s not likely to work very well.

this is our telecom company in india if i choose isdn this will be price

all price in indian rupees US1$ = 45 INR (rupees)

and wich service shall i want to choose and which terminal shall i use