Asterisk in Saudia and India

Dear all

this all cards very expensive in my case even x100p when i buy from ebay it will cost me $100 to reach here, also one of my friend said to me this cards will not work with our pstn , and for testing and educational purpouse i am unable to invest this money. so any other regular modem will work with this or we can make our own.please advice me


Can anyone give me clear answer for this…

one of my friend coming from singapore tomarrow, if digium cards will work in india or saudi arabia i can say him to purchase one card for me.

saudi stadrd … rsion1.pdf

I am from India and now working at Saudi Arabia, both side i have asterisk@home and DSL Connection for internet. and POTS lines. now i am planning to buy some digium cards for india and saudi arabia, from the blog i heared digium cards will not work in india and saudi arabia please recomend me to which low range card should i buy its compatiable with telecom india and telecom saudi arabia

i am planning to buy two Asterisk Developer kit is it enough for my research.

or shall i buy

TDM01B: TDM400P + 1 PORT FXO Bundle

TDM02B: TDM400P + 2 PORT FXO Bundle

This will work with POTS india and Saudi Arabia