Any digium card will work in india ( POTS )

any one here did setup a asterisk PBX with POTS in india or Saudi Arabia
with digium Asterisk …Not ISDN
if this will work these areas i can purchase a digium card …otherwise i am losing money.

You need to find out the specifications of the telephone systems in use in those countries. There’s only a limited range of different telephone systems in the world. Back in the old days of mechanical exchanges, there were really only two: strowger and crossbar, i believe. But it seems the advent of digital telephony has brought a situation where there’s lots of slightly different implementations of what’s basically the same technology. Some of these are compatible and some are not.

The first step is to find out exactly what sort of telephone system operates in India and in Saudi Arabia. The chances are that the Indian system is similar to the British system - as it probably would have been the same up until independence and it may or may not have diverged a bit since then. I don’t know about Saudi - possibly more likely to be the U.S. system, in which case it would work ok with asterisk.

You have to know what you’re dealing with!

ok thanks willi…

i will do a small study and post it soon

We have tried out TDM 400P in India with POTS and PBX. it works, BUT, we have an issue that the execution script fires even it the called number does not pickup or is busy.
We are trying to figure out if its a configuration issue or if its an issue with Indian POTS compatiability with Digium TDM 400P cards.

Nice to hear this message from you… any way keep researching and inform