Digital Receptionist haning up on incoming callers (AMP)


I’m not sure this isn’t AMP (Asterisk Management Portal)'s fault, but I thought I’d ask anyway:

I’m having a problem with people complaining about the digial receptionist hanging up on them. Here’s what happens:

1, Outside caller calls in.
2, DR answers, asks to press a number (1 or 2). The message was recorded with lots of blank space afterwards, so the caller has plenty of time (25s) to decide what to press before the system hangs up.
3, The caller presses a button, but then the system hangs up.

I watch the CLI as it happens and * just says “Hungup”, like it thinks the caller hung up their phone.

Now, this may very well be the fault of idiot callers who don’t know how to press a digit on their phone :smile:… but my question is:

How would I go about verifying that it’s not my system’s fault? What general stuff should I be watching for that might indicate a problem?

(I’m looking for general advice with troubleshooting, hopefully having something to do with this problem)


if you used the AMP to create it, look for context aa_1 or something similar