Digital Receptionist Hangs up!?!?

I have a strange problem…

I have set up my digital receptionist…

I have 10 extensions…

I have 3 Menu Options…

Here is what happens:

Call in > Asistant Picks Up > Cannot choose options!! > Asistant Hangs up!

I delete the dig. assistant, set it back up…works for one call…

Then I try another call…it does not recognize my phones pressing buttons…

Any Ideas?

I am a real n00b…I dont know too much of the CLI and AMP seems to drop my polycom phones whenever I use it… (figured out that I have to copy the CLI entries before I add any new extentions then put them back).

Thanks for any help!!

I am still looking for a resolution…

My digital receptionist will not allow me to press any extentions or menu’s…

Aggrevating… Let me know if anyone knows anything.

I had a similar problem, and I stumbled across a solution for it. I’m using a grandstream IP phone, and I just thought I’d change the ‘Send DTMF’ setting to see if it would help. The default for the phone was set to ‘In Audio’, and I changed it to ‘Via RTP’.

That seemed to help for me.

thanks for the reply,

what do you do about cell phones and POTS lines dialing INTO my pbx? If I dial from one of the phones in the office, it works fine…its outside coming in calls that is not getting to push any options…

Thanks again for the help.

Hi everyone

I have the same problem. From the inside (7777) all the options and extensions works well but from POTS none! It’s like dialing nothing.

Any help will be really appreciate



I have not recieved any information on how to fix this yet.

Please let me know if you find any information. Thanks!

I havent used @home or amp

but you can do this with the background command background … Background

I had the same problem and thought it may have been the short DTMF tones from my cellphone, but I experienced the same problem when calling from a land line.

To resolve the problem, I added port forwarding to my router for port 4569 (UDP) to allow IAX through to the Asterisk server behind the NAT. After I did that, all the keypresses were activated in the digital receptionist.

Hope that helps.

I am having the same problem with my incoming Vonage Softphone line.
Outgoing works great, but Incoming hangs up soon as I press a key.

On my Zap channels everything works great in and out.

Some lines want DTMF to be sent using RFC2833 (this is only way to send DTMF from GSM), the only way to sent DTMF from analog land line - inband

Is there a single DTMF setting which would worrk for GSM or landlines?

Not sure - I read something about new versions of Asterisk which could accept different kinds of DTMFs - independant of settings - but I haven’t tested this.
More important - I am speaking about land lines in Bulgaria.
I don’t know if this situation is same in other countries.