Dropped calls - is this posisble?

OK don’t laugh but I have one person that keeps getting his calls dropped and we have invesitgated it for some time now and we have traced it down to his laugh - I am dead serious, the moment he laughs at a specific tone the line hangsup. We tried different things like not going through the phone switch to his PC, made new cables for him and plugged it into a different port and so forth but he is the only one experiencing this behavior :smile: I am sitting right next to his office so I have witnessed it as well.

Is it possisble that his laugh generates a tone that tell the Asterisk server to hangup?

hahahahahah that has to be the funniest thing i’ve heard all week (no pun intended).

I suppose it’s theoretically possible that his laugh is generating some kind of tone… that is VERY bizarre though. Can you make a recording of it so we can test it? A laugh that hangs up a phone would be cool to have…

That said, can you detail your setup a bit? hardphone or softphone? on an ATA, digium fxs port, channel bank? how is the call terminated, VoIP? PSTN? PRI?

also turn on verbosity in asterisk (set verbose 5) and post what you get.

IMHO, most likely he is generating some kind of obscure PSTN tone taht either asterisk zaptel channel or the PSTN is interpreting, as well, something. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a tone taht would hang up a call.

Lastly, if you’re on a Zap channel, check the gain settings and progress detection settings (try turning off callprogress). It’s possible that a zap channel is taking the larger voltage from him laughing and interpreting it as a hangup or something.

No offense taken we are having a big laugh about it too here at the office. Well I was sceptical about it too in the beginning, but seeing is believing they say :smile:

Yes I told him to record his conversations so we can reproduce that “laugh”.

Details: It is a Polycom IP 501 phone, Digium TE110p card, PSTN terminated. Yes it happens only over the Zap channels. I turned the verbosity to 10 but all I get is “Hangup Zap/1-1”, I checked all the log files as well but nothing strange.

Yes you are touching something there, the higher voltage generated from his laugh, I will put the gain tool on it next time and see.

“A tone that would hang up a call” - hehe stranger things have happened in this life. Who knows maybe we can make money out of this show :smile:

hmmm. If if happens only on the zap channel and not to another IP phone, then its almost certainly the zap channel. Voltage shouldnt be an issue as a PRI is a digital line, lound sound doesnt mean more voltage; i doubt the gain tool will help much. did you do zap debug? That will probably be more useful than set verbose 10. If you can, turn on zap debug, turn up verbosity and post here what the CLI shows when it happens. My question is to find out if the PRI/PSTN is hanging up on you or if asterisk is hanging up on it. If it is the PSTN thats doing the disconnect, you can’t do much, only call your telco and complain. This will work better if you have a recording to play them that makes it hang up, try Monitor()'ing him for a while, and don’t mux. Keep his voice separately, and delete the incoming caller sound files.

Thanks for your help. I cant seem to find “zap debug”. You can run sip debug and iax debug but not on zap. Am I missing something?

Yes I was trying to find out on which side the disconnects happen but like I said I only see Hangup Zap1-1 on the console.

hmmm, apparently there is no zap debug. Try doing set verbose 10, let it happen, and paste the relevant bits here. Often hungup zap/whatever is accompanied with some other bits…