Digital receptionist configuration issues

hello everybody, I’m having a problem in configuring DR.
in particular, after following the tutorial for creating a new voice menu item (aa_1) and configuring that item for redirection on ring group #1, if I dial the extension associated with the voice menu it behaves like if I was dialing a normal extension.
is there something I have to configure after using the AMP? also, I watched in /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf looking for aa_1 and the section is present and (looks!) OK.
I’ve taken a look at the FAQ and I did’nt find anything about this issue

Go into the ‘incoming calls section’ and set the digital receptionist to answer. That way when asterisk picks up - it will direct the call to the receptionist. I think that is whyyou are missing it.


thanks a lot, it was exactly that option.