dahdi_dummy and Asterisk synchronising


This has been driving mad setting up this dahdi stuff, didn’t help that half way through configuring zap I realised there had been the name change!

Anyway I have everything installed, I run the dahdi_test and that works fine, Asterisk ‘dahdi show channels’ and ‘dahli show status’ works but during a call when I would expect something to happen nothing seems to change. Now I’m assuming I have something missing in a conf file but I’m really stuck, and documentation is so difficult to piece together! Can anyone suggest some things to try.



Looks like dahdi has trouble with old kernels as in 2.6.09 is too old, and also Software Raid might not help either. Problems can be seen when running a dahdi_test because the tick should be a consistent 99%, but it was dropping at times to 94% (bad). So going to try on a new machine with no Software Raid.