Connecting Asterisk to Phone Line


I’m in the UK, and want to connect a home Asterisk server to my phone line. The current setup has multiple users, and calling between computers on my home LAN works fine, using some softphones.

All my computers are linux, though I do have access to some Windows boxes if they’re necessary.

I understand I need a FXO Gateway to sit inbetween the phone socket on my wall, and my Asterisk box. I’m not quite following from the guides on the internet how to connect that (physically) to the Asterick box and the network. I have a standard home network where DCHP is controlled by by ISP-provided router in an out-of-the-box configuration. Ideally, it would be easiest if I could leave that as it is.

I saw a Linksys SPA3102 on eBay that looked like it might be a good choice for this, and then managed to find a couple of guides, but they all appeared to need to mess around with the existing router, and I’d like to know if that can be avoided if possible.

There’s no need to manipulate any settings on Your router and the SPA3102 will fit Your needs - connecting Your landline wall socket and Your Asterisk Box.
Simply connect the line (FXO) with Your wall socket and the WAN-port with one port of Your router or a free switch port in Your network.
Configure a peer in Your sip.conf allowing the SPA3102 to communicate with asterisk.

Afterwards follow the instructions for configuring the SPA e.g. from this side (only look at “Step 2: Configuring the Linksys SPA3102”):

If You don’t have a analogue phone You may use the LAN-port for the first confuguration steps (ena<ble configuration over WAN-port), but be aware of the fact, that the LAN-IP is factory-side static at in Subnet

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to order it off eBay and see how it goes :smiley: