Requesting help with a Linksys SPA3102


I am having difficulty configuring the fxo side of my Linksys SPA3102.

From my searching here and elsewhere I gather that there may be a problem with the 1.4 version of Asterisk and this device.

I have a proof of concept Asterisk box with a fresh install of CentOS V5.0 running Asterisk 1.4.13, zaptel 1.4.6 and libpri 1.4.2 and the following hardware: Linksys SPA3102, 1 fxo, 1 fxs, 1 WAN and 1 LAN; Linksys PAP2T-NA, the unlocked version with 2 fxs and 1 LAN; a S100-FX with 1 fxs and 1 LAN; 2 X110P FXO PCI cards with one fxo port each; 4 cheesy, but functional analog telephone handsets from a junk store and several additional Linux and Windows boxes acting as clients running either ZoIPer or X-Lite soft phones.

This is all configured according to the directions in Asterisk, The Future of Telephony 2nd Ed. So far, the bulk of the fxs side is working fine, including a reliable connection to a ZoIPer on my son’s notebook while he is away working in France. My goal is provide my son with an Ottawa, Canada, based dial-tone while he is away so that he can keep in contact with family and friends and they can simply call my local phone number and contact him directly.

The xfo side is providing problems. The two X100Ps are not playing nicely, but some other people are helping me with that – thank you.

From the standpoint of the SPA3102, my network is a cable modem plus cable telephone fxs box. The cable modem is connected to a 100BaseT switch and the cable telephone fxs is connected to the existing analog household phones and the fxo side of the SPA3102. The switch is connected to the WAN port of the SPA3102 and I have configured it so that I can reach the web configuration page from any computer on my network. There is nothing attached to the LAN side of the SPA3102 and there is a simple analog phone connected to its fxs port. That phone can dial or be dialed by any of the soft phones either here or overseas. (That, in itself, is cool.)

Does anybody have example sip.conf and extensions.conf which will configure an SPA3102 so that it can connect to the PSTN (in the case, the fxs on the cable phone box), connect to the Asterisk box and configure the analog handset connected to the fxs on the SPA3102?

I will worry about integrating your masterpiece into my existing conf files. I would really like to get the SPA3102 to work.

Thank you all in advance. John Turnbull