Connect remote analogue line to head office SIP

I have a phone line that has been advertised for some time but is in another state to where my Asterisk box is.

What I would LOVE to be able to do would be attach some sort of device to the phone line in the remote office and have it divert the PSTN call through to my Asterisk box over ethernet.

Does anyone know if there are any devices that I can purchase that will do this for me?



Obviously a PC, Asterisk and an FXO card would do it. You can get devices called ATAs (analogue telephone adaptors) for connecting extensions. I don’t know if they are also made for exchange lines.

I was hoping for a simple plug and play device as it is a remote site. I know a little about ATA’s but thought that they only went from SIP to an analogue device. I need something from the Analogue Exchange to the Asterisk SIP server.

Surely someone manufactures something like this?

The Linksys SPA400 does this for the Linksys SPA9000 VOIP system. I assume that this uses a propriety interface and so is of no use in this situation.

Thanks for the reply though. Anyone else have any other thoughts?

Look for an ATA with FXO interface. That will connect to an exchange line. (An FXS interface will connect with an analog telephone set.) There are ATAs out there with both FXS and FXO interfaces.

You can probably place an ATA with FXO interface at the remote site, and program it to talk directly with an ATA with FXS at your local site. No need for Asterisk, just connect the local ATA to your telephone set or to the trunk interface of your PBX or key system. You will have constructed an FX line via the Internet.

Alternatively, if you want to use Asterisk for some other purpose at the local site, port your number to a SIP origination provider and let the incoming calls flow directly to Asterisk.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply. That was the information I was after.