How to connect your home phone line through VOIP

Hi guys, I’m new here. Could someone lead me in the right direction on how to setup asterisk by connecting my home phone into my computer? So that when someone calls the home phone number it gets connected through VOIP and I can anwser my call any where in the world with internet.

P.S. I used the search engine google already. connect phone line voip make recieve calls

Please help me guys. Thanks.

You don’t need Asterisk for that. You should be able to access the SIP gateway device directly over the internet. I guess Asterisk may make it a little easy to deal with issues like NAT and dynamic IP.

If you do it the Asterisk way you need one of:

  • a SIP gateway (for analogue exchange lines);
  • an analogue line card with an FXO interface module;
  • an FXO interface as a USB device.

Most people would use the first one in your case.