FXO/FXS/RJ45 Unit?

I watched the video that is in the faq, and it showed a device that has a fxo and fxs and a rj45 port that would connenct to your asterisk server.
Im assuming that you could plug the device into a router, and plug your asterisk into the router, and also plug your internet into the router.

This way you only need one network card in the asterisk, it can talk to the device and talk to the interent for SIP or whatever.

Am I right?
Also what is a good cheap device like i have described, all the ones I have googled dont have the rj45 port i dont think…hmmm

It sounds like you are talking about an ATA- Analog Telephony Adapter. An ATA is a device that interfaces with one or more analog POTS ports (fxo or fxs) and makes them accessable via SIP (through the ethernet rj45 port). Standard ATAs have 1-2 FXS but some (linksys spa3000) have an FXO port. ALL ata’s will have an Ethernet port, unless it’s not an ATA.
A SPA3000 (1fxo 1fxs) as I recall is around $100.

You can also connect your * box with a telephony card. This is a special PCI card that gives the * box FXO or FXS ports. You can get these in a number of configurations, to supply the number and type of ports that you need. The two cards you should be thinking about are the Digium TDM400 series and the Sangoma A200 series. Both are good products.
Price varies depending on which ports and how many you get. Generally they are around $60-$85/port depending on how you spec it.

Check www.voipsupply.com to buy these (i don’t work for them but they havent screwed up any of my orders yet…)

Thank you,

Yea I knew about the digium cards but I knew this other method was a cheaper route, and this is just going to be for playing around at my house.

We will order the big digium cards for at work.

Thanks again, that helped me.


edit:: I wanted to add this in case someone searches:
The SPA-3102 NA from Linksys is slated as the replacement for the popular SPA-3000
that is strait from voipsupply.com
voipsupply.com/product_info. … ts_id=1646