Configuring Asteriskwin32 on windows

Hi, I am very new to Asterisk. It looks very interesting to me. Can anyone give good link for configuring the Asteriskwin32.

Thanks very much



Welcome to the community!

Why not explore into linux im sure you will be exite as you go through.

In anyway, Asterisk was born in Linux so let it live in Linux World.
As me and like others nude when came to Linux, now i have my Linux-boxer short and sleeve less enough to shelter from Microsoft.

Good Luck

Since the last poster didn’t answer your question, I’ll try.

AsteriskWin32 runs under Cygwin that are UNIX emulation libraries for Windows. So a pre-req for running would be the installation of Cygwin.

Another approach would be to run VirtualPC or Virtual Server for Windows and run the AsteriskNOW or another ISO distribution inside an virtual machine environment.

While the later is not the most efficient, it does guarantee you access to the latest builds since it is primarly supported on Linux; I too would like to see a native Windows implementation.

I expect if there was a friendlier Windows version you’d probably see more people adopting the product on the desktop and you’d definitely see nicer GUI tools for managing installations.

in fact, going to will give you a vmware player image for trixbox version of asterisk.

my point is… if you read the requirement of asterisk and imagine how beast it is when it comes to resources, CPU and RAM. and then you will gonna start asking how could you remove windows GUI?
and after making success test a week after you encounter problem.
what support it has? and when you decide to buy FXO/FXS card what driver you gonna use?

i just want to deliver that if you have time to learn about asteriskwin32
with vmware and cygwin i anticipate that you also have time for learning

well if you are just happy with vmware and a choppy conversation for many * client then forget above.

kerberos gotta point, but ssharish highlits what I hear every day from other asterisk novices: how to make this work under windows?
Yeah, ssharish would have some fun for a while with asteriskwin32, but as far as I know there’s no zaptel for windows so a lot more fun is already missed…
Moreover, Vista currently doesn’t work well with Linux…