Run Asterisk on a Windows Server

Hello !

Just would like to know if there’s someone else running Asterisk on a Windows Server.

Cause I have a lot of legacy applications that I would like to integrate with Asterisk.

So, it would be easier for me to run Asterisk along with them today on the same server and later port it all to Linux/Unix.

If you’re running it on Windows, you may also want to share with us :

  1. Is it reliable ?
  2. Was it easy to install, since there are no releases for Windows ?
  3. Why have you chosen Windows ?

Thanks in advance for your support !

You can’t install it directly into windows, but if you download “VirtualMachine” from vmware and install that program on your windows box, you can then install linux then asterisk into VM and run it on your windows box.
Works just fine.

Thank you for your reply !

Your approach is very practical. However, I still would have to re-program all of my applications, that currently are running under Windows, to run under Linux.

If I had to do that, I’d better run it directly in Linux.

So, I dont want to run under Windows just because…

It’s because I need to integrate to the Windows current environment of applications…

cough … wrong … cough

AstWin32 is a Windows port of Asterisk …

or an alternative is AstWind …

This is great ! I’ll have a look.

Thank you so much :smile:

never seen that before! Interesting.

Now what seems a little imature on AsteriskWin32 is exactly the C-API interface.

This is exactly what I need cause my plan is to migrate my current IVR system to run along with Asterisk…