Asterisk Can be work in Windows OS?

Dear Friends,

I am Irsath Ahamed from Dubai Working as IT Support Engineer. In my Office we are using Asterisk System in Linux Platform. I dont anything about linux and I tried in Internet whether this Asterisk System supports Windows Platform but I failed.

Can anybody help me if this system supports Windows Platform from where I can download the Software and basic configuration details.

Thanks in Advance.

Irsath Ahamed.
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Most people would choose Linux over Windows for Asterisk any day. Asterisk is designed for Linux but a quick Google Search for ‘asterisk windows’ returns some hits which may be of help. The team at asteriskwin32 seem to have a working Win32 port of Asterisk.

Alternatively, you could use this as an opportunity to learn about Linux!

Thanks for your Advice Mr/Mrs.Gilester.,

Already I started to study about Linux and Asterisk System but for the time being we have problem in the system and I need to rectify it.

We are using old Linux Version and the GUI Mode is not working due to some corruption. It is working only in Command Prompt mode and I don’t the command to work in that. If it in GUI mode atleast I can know something about the system. Thats why I am looking for Windows Support.

Good old Dubai hey…not much VoIP passes through there I hear…I’ve got a mate working at Dou Telecom.


Getting the GUI to work again should be do-able with some forum help.
Do you know which version of GUI you had (freePBX, asterisk GUI, Druid)?

Which version of linux/asterisk?
To find out which version of linux do these two things:
#cat /etc/issue
#uname -a

/etc/issue contains the information on which distribution of linux you have.
uname -a gives the actual kernel version you are running. Both are handy to know.

If you don’t know what those two lines even look like, read below for some basic linux/asterisk stuff.

  1. Anyway, what is your extent of linux knowledge?
    root = Administrator
    ifconfig = ipconfig
    route -n = ??
    cd = cd

  2. Can you log in and get to the asterisk CLI (command line interface)? If you can do that, and change directory to /etc/asterisk (which is similar to C:\etc\asterisk if that were to exist). Same dos commands: cd /etc/asterisk

Private Message me if you want to arrange for me to SSH in and look around.

If you can log in as root, and get to the command prompt ‘#’ try to get to asterisk.
Login: root
Password: xxxxxxx
Welcome to linux!

#asterisk -r

once you do asterisk -r, the command prompt will change to the asterisk CLI.
and you will return to the linux prompt #.

From asterisk CLI you can try these commands with no bad effects.
CLI>sip show peers
CLI>iax2 show peers
CLI>dialplan show
CLI>show version
CLI>core show version

The verson of my Linux is:
Fedora Core Release 3 (Heidelberg)
Kernal \r on an \m

The result for the following command is

uname -a

Linux localhost.localdomain 2.6.11-1.35_FC3 #1 Mon Jun 13 00:52:08 EDT 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

I have tried the above commands…

Now my telephone system is working but still problem. The problem is the call is getting connect on second try which means first time I have to dail the number and hold sometimes and I have to disconnect. If I re-dial again I am getting connected.

I have very limitted knowledge about Linux. I know how to login and shutdown in Linux thats it…

If you give some good book to read it would help me to know about it more


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