Asterisk user level "hobby": Asterisk and Windows

Just started experimenting with Asterisk and one question just beggs to be asked: is there any way to make Asterisk work under Windows? Would it work with just a virtualization of Linux under Windows without having to install Linux?

Do yourself a favour and start fiddeling around with linux.

I did that ago 5 month when i started with asterisk and its really not hard to understand, assuming you do !understand! computers anyway.

Asterisk is running smooth on a very small linux machine for home use.

Sure, you can use “Astwin”, but who would buy a porsche to drive it on a volkswagen’s tow-bar ? :wink:

agreed, asterisk needs a realtime capable OS to run efficiently, and even though I use windows as my primary desktop, i wouldn’t even consider running a PBX on a win box.

you CAN run asterisk in a VMWare session - i know that asterisk@home has a VMWare image, but you probably could get a linux distro image, open that, and then download, compile, and run asterisk in that. note that it wouldn’t probably be effective for production systems (unless the VMWare session was running in linux itself, something i want to play with in the future - multiple VIRTUAL asterisk servers running on one big-ass server…just a neat concept, IMHO)

our old PBX DID run on windows, and the servers had to be rebooted nightly, else they’d lock up the next day…this is with $40,000 dialogic boards (two or three per server).