Asterisk on windows

I’ve just downloaded AsteriskWin32 (
I woul install it on my windows xp server, but I don’t know how it works, and I don’t know how client I can use with asterisk pbx software.
Asteriskwin32 has consolle, so I can configure pbx, to use it on my pstn telephony line?
Please tell me what client I can use with asterisk, and how can I do to configure pbx server and client.
Can I use asterisk on a linux server, and use windows client?
Thanks in advance

let’s have you start here:

you need to ditch the windows box and build yourself a linux-based asterisk server…there is a digium sponsored appliance called pound key that will get you up and running in minutes, and will allow you to focus on learning asterisk instead of learning how to run linux. i would recommend this as a good starting point, but please do some reading before coming back to ask questions - most, if not all of your questiosn will be answered on the wiki.

welcome, and good luck.