Cisco 7940

I don’t think this belongs here but it didn’t fit under any other section. I have 2 cisco 7940 one works great, the other one seems to be locked. As far as it gets in the boot process is protocol application invalid. I reset the phone by holding # during boot then doing 123456789*0# and then pressing 2 to reset it. Then it reboots and does the same thing. I hope the phone is configured for DHCP because it will not let me into the settings at all like the good phone did. I wonder if anyone else ever had this problem. Cisco said its a bad image according to there troubleshooting guide but like I said it works flawless on the other phone. Thanks for any help

Best way to fix this is to install Solarwinds TFTP on your local PC and then set up DHCP to set your PC as the TFTP server.

With the TFTP status window open, you can then see where it is choking. Most likely, the image is corrupt and it can’t find new image files to attempt to load them. In that case, just download those files from Cisco, place them in the default TFTP directory and let them load.