Resurrect a few 7940 phones

I have a few Cisco 7940’s that I need to resurrect. Can someone point me to the proper files that I’ll need to TFTP to these phones? We don’t have a cisco account.

Okay, I think I’m on the right track but need some help.
I was getting a ‘protocol application invalid’ error. now after flashing it gets to showing the extensions but they’re not active. The extensions show on the right side but they have an ‘X’ next to the extension and I can’t dial in or out.

The X says they’re not properly registered with a proxy. Verify username/password match what’s in your Asterisk box. And verify that the phones are pointed to the Asterisk box.

Thx! If that’s all it is then great!
Where in asterisk would I reset the password for extensions?

If they be SIP-speaking 79XX phones, then it’ll be in Asterisk’s SIP configuration file - typically /etc/asterisk/sip.conf

There, you’ll look for the peer (friend) definitions, and for the secret= line.


Okay, I’m using the right password but I’m still getting the ‘X’ when I try to call. Lemme give a little background to see if that helps.

I’m using the same extension to test with each phone (only one phone is up with that extension at any one time though). I have one phone that does work with that extension when I plug it in. I am not onsite but we have a S2S VPN up. Again, the phone I originally brought here, working, continues to work fine.

Question, is the TFTP server listed in the phone config only used for flashing the phone? I flashed it using my computer’s IP so the TFTP IP is in a range unreachable by the asterisk system.

Thanks for your help.

Apologies, I know nothing of configuring 79XX phones - I was merely able to chime in with information as to SIP configuration of Asterisk.