Can't answer call (chan unavailable)


I am stack for about a week and I can’t find a solution.

I want to set up a telephony system based on Asterisk. I’ve installed Asterisk 12 in a CentOS7 server.

  1. I’ve created sip users, I can register using softphones, I can make a call, it is ringing but when answering seems like OK, but the softphone caller is still calling and asterisk is not showing that the receiver answers the call, and after a while the call is done. what could be the problem?

I tried creating users via AsteriskGui (i though I have pbs in my configurations) but same thing.

  1. How to connect an IP phone to Asterisk? what configurations are needed? (like host=some ip address, or …)? how to push the IP phone to register to Asterisk?

  2. Do I need a digium card if I will be using just IP and soft phones (no analog phones)?
    Please need help!

  1. something is misconfigured. There is far too little diagnostic information to say what.

1a) AsteriskGUI is a dead product and is no supported. If you were supplied with it recently, please contact the supplier (S*****y, I guess) for support. If you need a GUI, use FreePBX, although I would suggest learning to do basic things with bare Asterisk, first.

  1. and and the sample configuration files which will be present if you install Asterisk yourself.

  2. No

Subject) The most common cause for “no channel” is that the destination device has not registered.


Thank you for replying, but still have a problem, now Asterisk Cli is showing everyone is busy/congested message, do you mind take a look on my config files??

I am lost :frowning:

Please post your cli output , and

channel variable DIALSTATUS=CHANUNAVAIL: Channel unavailable. On SIP, peer may not be registered.