Starting to Test Asterisk on VM, softphone wont register

Hi Everyone, I’m new on the comunity an to asterisk as well,

I’m running centOS 5 and asterisk 1.8.0 on a virtual machine

I started by reading the book Asterisk the future of telephony but I’m having troubles registering my softphone, I followed all the procedure stated on the book but I’m still unable to register, I’m using eyebeam and on the screen it says registering and after that it displays error 408 request timeout, i have conectivity with my virtual machine and also I dont see any registration tries on the asterisk console, I dont know if I have to modify something to be shown something on the console as to when the phones are trying to register and stuff…

Any help appreciated, thanks


Are you trying to run both pieces of software on the same VM?

(Also note that VM’s need careful tuning - low loading from anything but Asterisk - to stand a chance of handling speech well.)

Hi, david thanks for your answer,

I’m running asterisk on a VM, and my softphone on my “real” computer running windowsXP.

I installed asterisk on VM to practice and learn until I can buy another computer, so the VM tuning is not an issue right now


Verify the adapter in the VM need to be bridged, and check the firewall in the VM too.

hi navaismo thanks for your answer,

The network adapter of the VM is in bridge mode it has an ip address of my lan, and i can reach it from my “real” pc, also i connect via ssh to the VM and everything works fine, except when I try to register my softphone I dont even see an attempt to register or something on the asterisk console


Maybe is the firewall try with this command in the linux console:

/etc/init.d/iptables stop

And then try to register again.

que tal Navaismo

Thanks for your answer, as i am newbie on linux too i didnt know iptables was activated but as soon as i stopped iptables my softphone registered, now i can continue to learn a little more



que bien!