CAlls are not comming in

Hello. I have asterisk@home setup behind a linksys befw11s4 router. I use asterisk@home and restored the config to use on my home asterisk server. It works with no problem at work but at home calls can go out but there is a busy signal comming in . I am using FWD, I watched the CLI and did not even see the call his the box? it worked once before it stopped one day and never worked again. Any ideas?

If you watched the CLI and nothing happened, my initial thoughts are the following:

1.) Firewall issues. Make sure you have the ports forwarded correctly. Port 5060 TCP & UDP for SIP, or if you use IAX/IAX2, it should be 4569 or 5036, respectively.

2.) Secondly, do you have a dynamic IP address? If so, it may be changing on you fairly often and not registering with your VoIP provider. You can force a registration several ways, but the easiest is to use the reload command in the CLI.

Hopefully one of these solutions will help you!

cool this appears to have worked. thank you sir!

No problem.

Which one was it? Firewall I’m guessing?

no reload actually! i could not beleive it was that easy!.

What is the configuration tha you have. I can’t make my asterisk box work with incomming calls. I’ve a phone number from voip buster that only works with their SIP client. Do you know what i have to configure to put asterisk receiving incomming calls to?


I did exactly what is posted above. Did you add those ports to your firewall/router?

I’ve tried with the voipbuster sip client behind the firewall and work’s fine, so i think that can’t be the problem. Can you send-me theconfiguration files for me to see the differences? or if you want i can post my SIP.conf, IAX.conf an extensions.conf .

Nadia Spencer