Cant connect to Asterisk server via softphone

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I installed asterisk into my AWS virtual machine and I configure the sip.conf, extensions.conf and voicemail.conf according to this repo: (It’s really short.)

(My asterisk version is 18.11.1)

Yesterday I was available to make calls but I couldn’t hear any voices. Today I opened my VM console and I saw “*** System restart required ***” warning so i reboot the machine. After the reboot I try to connect with my softphones to see if its still working but I couldn’t connect it.

I open the asterisk and run “sip show peers” command but asterisk said there is no such a command so i run this command: “module load chan_sip” and now “sip show peers” working. But I can’t still connect to server. (When i restart the asterisk after loading chan_sip, it disappeare again.)

I think my version was older when I first installed the asterisk because the tutorial I followed was from 2 years ago.)

I don’t know if I give enough information since I just started to it. Thank you all in advance.

chan_sip is no longer supported and will be removed in next year’s
Autumn release.

Why were you configuring according to that repo? If you just want to play, you should start from the, supplied, sample files.

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This was what I actually needed. And was quite a simple and fast for me. Would you recommend a tutorial if this is a dead end?

Update: I couldn’t fix the problem so i clean the virtual machine and did everything from the start. It did work this time. Also I fix my “no voice” problem by adding this line to sip.conf:

So in summary, i think problem is caused by some update from the Ubuntu. Maybe some new security measure blocks the connection. I don’t know, but I will try to create the same problem for finding what is wrong with it when I had a time.

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