Have anyone got the same problem asterisk 1.2.1 (new version

Hi All,
Have any of you got the same problem with the latest version of asterisk. Last night i cleaned-up all
the old version asterisk files (my old asterisk was working perfectly however, before i start any serious work, i though i’d upgrade) and installed new verion of asterisk 1.2.1.
It installed fine and run ok to the prompt but I can no longer register
from any softphone. The computer where the soft phone is, is the computer
where i run ssh from to the asterisk box. network connection is definitely
on. The soft phone simply times out.
The only diff i can see is in modules.conf file where the chan_modem
module is not loaded in the new version and in the old one it was.
Do you have any such experience. the only log information is from
softphone side and turning on the “sip debug” doesn’t get any login tries.
any ideas.

Forgot to mention what i installed. I have installed

asterisk 1.2.1

in the above order. Since I am not using any cards except my lan network card, i haven’t installed zapata modules.