Can i install asterisk on windows plaform

please i want to know if asterisk can me install on windows platform and if yes, which windows operating systems and if it will work well with either 7, 8 or 10

The simple answer is no. The more complex answer is that there is an unsupported version, from over a decade ago, that would run, with limitations, on the Windows of its times. You are talking Window Vista, or earlier.

It runs in a LInux emulation environment, so you still need to have some Linux knowledge.

For all practical purposes, the answer is NO.

so, i need to install linux and i can use the graphic interface to configure it?

one more thing it can assign extension for my IP Phones and i can also use it for my voip gateway for inbound and outbound calls as well

Asterisk does not have a GUI built in. There exists the FreePBX project which provides a GUI for it, and there is a distribution that can be installed that includes everything - Linux, Asterisk, FreePBX.

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You can use additional virtualization software on Windows to run asterisk on a Windows machine, e.g. virtual box.