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Just downloaded the asterisk version. Totally new on this. Can teh Asterisk work with Windows or do i need to install it in a seperate PC.
I am specifically interested in testing teh IP PBX aspect of teh software.

Requets your help

no windows unless you use vmware just for testing.

best to use a seprate PC


asterisk is an application that runs under Linux. Thus, it requires a Linux OS to work. If you have a Linux comptuer that does other things you can probably load * on it, but if all you have is windows then you are stuck.

You can however load Linux on a vmware virtual PC and then load Asterisk on that. There are a few premade images of this available, most of them running Trixbox (asterisk + candy coated gui). Personally I suggest not using Trix to learn because it insulates you from the very concepts you need to be learning, but that’s a matter of opinion.

Asterisk doesn’t need much hardware to run- anything say 250MHz or better as long as it has enough ram and isn’t runnign anything else will do fine for a small office. So you may be able to recycle an old junker PC.

good luck!