Installation problems (Win10)

I recently installed Windows 10. I am unable to install Asterisk. When I manage to install, Asterisk crashes. Does anyone know a version that works on Win10? Thanks!

Asterisk is not supported or developed for use on Windows.

used it on Windows 7, for 1 year.

I should be more specific. The project does not support or develop Asterisk for use on Windows. There is nothing preventing someone from working on it themselves or making it available there.

does any version work on Win10?

I’m not aware of any version of Asterisk that runs on Windows. It may work under Windows Subsystem for Linux but I haven’t heard of anyone using Asterisk under that.

in Brazil we use. works on Windows 7. SIP.

@jcolp can you help me with any solution? or idea for using Asterisk. Here we only use it for SIP testing.

Linux is the supported operating system for Asterisk. Someone else may chime in regarding Windows, but I don’t really have anything extra of value to add.

OK, Thank you! on virtual machines, does Asterisk work?

Yes, numerous people use Asterisk in virtual machines.

thank you. I will look for how to do this installation process.

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