Can Asterisk use Bluetooth as a Voice Gateway

I’m working on a project at home I was hoping somebody could help

just to give you an Idea this is the intended set up

ESXi Server
Google Home
Google Home Mini *3
Digium D80 VoIP Phone *2
Android 9 Phone *2

VM’s & Sofware
OpenHAB Server (VM)
Asterisk Server (VM)
Google Assitant
SJphone (Windows PC)

I have asterisk running internally I can Place calls to and from all devises (VoIP Phones, Android Softphone, SJphone clients & the Google Home’s)

I have OpenHAB running with the Bluetooth and Asterisk Addon connected to 5 IP Bluetooth Extenders giving total Bluetooth coverage Inside and in the Garden OpenHAB can detect when either I or my partner are in (or at least that our phones are in) using both WiFi and Bluetooth Discovery

Using OpenHAB I have built a rule that will route incoming phone calls to desired device depending what room we are in or to the Android handset if we are out or in the Garden

This all works great for any internal or anything coming in over the SIP Trunk

However, I would also like to have Asterisk Tether using Bluetooth to Mine or my Partners phone when it detects we are in and route inbound calls the same way and allow us to dial out using our mobile numbers, I know the phones can do this using the Bluetooth handsfree system, OpenHAB can do the IF statements and act as a control unit for asterisk but I can not for the life of me work out how to (or if its even possible) get asterisk to accept the Mobile Phones over Bluetooth as a POTS Line

You’ve got a lot going on there; sounds nice!

Have you considered adding a few more pieces ? Such as a SIP soft phone on the Android ?

You might try Linphone, set it to use Wifi only and maybe start at boot. Then create another couple of SIP accounts in Asterisk, same as for those Digium phones. If you only run Wifi on the Android when on this one network, and/or you only manually run Linphone when you need it on this one Wifi network, then that should help both save battery and prevent leaking some connection info out on to other networks.

Further you might want to try newer Asterisk PJSIP, with support for multiple endpoints sharing the same extension number. This may help reduce complexity in your dialplan eg. using one PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS function for simultaneous calling of all currently connected member devices in your ring group.

FWIW I prefer airplane mode when in the garden. Because recharge batteries :wink:

@penguinpbx thanks for your reply

However I think you have misunderstood what I am trying to achieve

What I want to do is when I’m at home and receive a call on my mobile (cell phone for the yanks) I Dont want the mobile to ring but I want it to be sent to Asterisk then routed the same as my SIP cals

This could be achieved using taska and the call divert function on the mobile but this brakes the caller ID and would cost for the call each time I receive a call that would otherwise be free I would also like to be able to place calls through Asterisk that would call out over the mobile and using its number

The mobile connects to the blue tooth and accepts that it is a hands free kit so the android side is fine what I need to do is make Asterisk see the Bluetooth connection to the mobile as either a SIP/POTS line and give me the option to call over that line

You may be able to use chan_mobile to receive the calls

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@johnkiniston that is exactly what I was looking for thanks for the assist ill give it a go over the weekend and let you all know the results

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