Crazy, wild, idea: Make asterisk accept calls to cell #

In normal, SOHO setup a modem connects Asertisk to PSTN

I’m wondering if there is no way to, via a bluetooth modem, setup Asterisk to accept calls going to a CELL PHONE?

I do not see why not. simply configure the Dial-Up Networking service on phone to be accessible to the PC, then use it as modem…

Your references to a ‘modem’ threw me off a bit.

However, if you mean the ability to have a mobile phone number integrated into Asterisk for incoming/outgoing calls, the this is indeed possible.

Look up Fixed Cellular Terminals.

No, I said modem, because I mean modem

Has no one else here used a Cell Phone over bluetooth as a dial-up modem?

The onlyhard part would be for Asterisk to recognize the DUN modem over bluetooth

then you can have it pick up when your cell number is called!

I just don’t see the point of this setup. The major reason for using btooth modems is when you only have your laptop + phone.

I can’t see how a geographically fixed server would benefit from this.

Is the bluetooth modem intended to be the method of delivering a phone call to a cell phone that is in close proximity to the Asterisk server, so as to avoid the need to place an outgoing call through the cellular network to reach the cell phone?

Sort of a self made cell site?

I can’t see this being useful… Bluetooth distance limitations being what they are, I’d just as soon use an analog adapter and a regular analog cellular phone to accept incoming wireless calls.

I understand your desire to stay with a single solution (the cell phone) but even if you could get the system/bluetooth to understand that it’s not a modem call, but a voice call that’s in progress, (which I doubt you could) the distance limitation would make it practically useless to have it in the first place.

We have a device Kind of like an ATA your cellphone connects to it then you regular house phone plugs into it this will let you make and recieve calls on your regular house phone using the cellular network.

Now I havent tried but thought about trying to hook the device to the asterisk box to be able to do the same .

Say three employs have cell phones the company provides. Now you can get package that lets you add a phone fairly cheaply get a 4th phone hook to asterisk then all calls to employ cell are mobile to mobile. I was also thinking you could let the employ dial the cellphone hooked to asterisk asterisk then would answer and give dial tone then the employ could call someone threw connections to asterisk and it would still be considered mobile to mobile call